Will Bishop MIller and Reverend Galvon stand up to the poor quality services?

Many Catholics in Vancouver are fed up with the poor quality and sub-standard service at the Holy Rosary Cathedral.  Many times we have complained to the Bishop who either doesn’t do anything or defers the responsibility to Reverend Stanley Galvon who the Holy Rosary Priest in charge.

Church members are paying over 40 000 a year for the salary of  Bertilla Watanabe the Pastoral Associate who is responsible for tasks such as having enough Church Bulletins for everyone.  However we found her very critical of others and quick to find fault with people. Just recently she engaged in making disparaging remarks against a church volunteer of 20 years. She even had him removed from a Eucharistic Minister position which was very scandalous at least and bordered on a witch hunt.  Some even suggested that it was because he doesn’t support female priests.   Bertilla Watanabe the Pastoral Associate convinced a very old priest to do her dirty work, which as sad and disturbing. That priest got transferred, thank goodness.

However. Bertilla Watanabe is constantly causing parishioners to suffer all because she does not order enough bulletins for all the masses.

Just recently one of the most important days of the year, Palm Sunday, in which Catholics consider the beginning of the most important week of the year, Holy Week, there were no bulletins for the Sunday 8 pm mass.  The speaker even announced to the parishioners that HOLY WEEK schedule will be in the bulletins.  However, when 100’s of parishioners asked for a bulletin so they can attend the most holy days of the year, there were no bulletins.  As a result 100’s of parishioners either have to call or go to the internet to find out when Holy Week schedule is.

If Bertilla Watanabe the Pastoral Associate was volunteering we would be the first to kiss her feet, but when parishioners are giving her over 40 000 dollars a year that becomes a red flag.  Especially when Bertilla Watanabe the Pastoral Associate was so critical of others, and even had volunteers removed who were working for free.  I repeat, had them step down who were working for free.

Is Bishop Miller and/or Father Stanley Galvon afraid to ask Bertilla Watanabe the Pastoral Associate to meet basic employment standards?   Are they afraid of the status quo in Vancouver where hostile females are in power?

We kindly ask Bishop Miller and Father Galvon to give us an explanation why on Palm Sunday 100’s of parishioners did not get bulletins when those 100’s of parishioners are paying over 40 000 dollars a year for Bertilla Watanabe the Pastoral Associate .

Will Bertilla Watanabe the Pastoral Associate apologize?

Enough is enough.  There are thresholds nad standards and they cannot be arbitrarily and biasly enforced.

Please right to

Very Rev. Stanley Galvon


Bishop Miller






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