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Please Help Us in the Final Push for Petition Signatures.
Send in completed sheets by May 15th.
Deadline extended to June 15th to allow for signatures on further petition sheets.

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At this time we are making a special appeal regarding the petitions we have launched regarding Surrey School District Regulation 9410.2 (concerning sexual orientation and gender identity).   As previously reported, we have launched two petitions:  one for residents of Surrey School District in British Columbia, and one for those in other areas  who are willing to express their support for students and parents in Surrey School District who will be impacted by the regulation ( which is really a document embodying a sweeping policy of support for a radical pro-homosexuality program).   Here’s how you can help:


1. Copy and duplicate the petition forms (attached to this e-mail bulletin) and have like-minded friends sign them.  Have them sign the appropriate petition, depending on whether they live in Surrey School District or beyond its boundaries.

2.  Ask permission to obtain signatures at your place of worship.

3.  Duplicate the petition forms attached and be responsible for looking after the forms.
4. Please send in the signed petitions by June 15th, 2014, to British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life, 2397 King George Boulevard, Box 45531 Sunnyside Post Office, Surrey,
B. C.  V4A 9N3.


To encourage more people to sign the petition forms, we have extended the deadline for getting the signed petition forms from May 15th to June 15th.  Note:  If you have completed forms with the deadline of May 15th, we would welcome your sending them in by that time or sooner.  The deadline date of May 15thdoes not invalidate the petition.  But you may now use the petition forms dated June 15th in obtaining more signatures.  Of course, no-one should sign both the form with the date May 15th and with the date June 15th.  The petition wording is identical and only varies for location (Surrey School District or beyond.)


The Proliferation of Local School-District Policies Mandating Pro-Homosexuality Programs


Our regular readers will be familiar with the Corren Agreement and the special place it gave to pro-homosexuality input into British Columbia public education.  However, we now need to take note of a relatively new development:  the increase in the number of local school-district policies that give local expression to the thinking behind the Corren Agreement.


A headline in the April 10th, 2014, homosexual paper, the Daily Xtra (slogan:  “Everything Gay Every Day”) reads “Less than half of BC’s school districts have homophobia policies.”  That translates to “Almost half of BC’s schools have homophobia policies,” which means, as the context of the article makes clear, policies that go beyond anti-bullying to making provision for the special protection of those identifying as homosexual.  We have seen time and again that that means introducing curriculum or learning resources giving special recognition to homosexuality.


Vancouver School Board Plans New Pro-Homosexuality Program:
How parents can help those working to stop this


In the online edition of the homosexual DailyXtra, Vancouver School District is singled out for praise:


            Having studied all the anti-homophobia policies in the province, the vice-president   of the BC Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) points to Vancouver’s as the strongest.

“Ten years ago, the VSB [Vancouver School Board] adopted a policy that hit all the right   notes,” Glen Hansman says. “It wasn’t just about students, but the whole school community. There was a commitment to resources, supporting peoples’ choices to come out, and an action plan attached to it that was implemented immediately.”

“Money was budgeted to support the implementation — and there still is,” he continues.    “They train people — key people — to buy and purchase resources for school libraries.          They make sure teachers in schools have at their disposal lesson-plan ideas and created a position at district level so there is a go-to person.”

The policy mandates that gay content be included in the curriculum and that staff receive ongoing anti-homophobia education. All elementary and secondary school libraries include LGBT books, students receive LGBT-specific sexual education, there are LGBT safe contacts in every school, and there is a GSA in every high school.


Already perhaps the most pro-homosexuality school board in B.C., Vancouver is planning to entrench its policies in “ Revised Policy and Regulations: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities (ACB and ACB R-1) dated April 10, 2014.  (See the text of the draft policy and regulations on our website at  .)   The board’s intent, we are informed, is to bring the Revised Policy and Regulations through the May 14, 2014 Committee III meeting, with a recommendation for approval at the Board Meeting on May 20, 2014.    A group of concerned citizens in Vancouver known as Vancouver School Board Watch are concerned about this development and are interested in making their concerns known.  Those interested in supporting Vancouver School Board Watch and obtaining further information from them should e-mail them at  Parents and others who are concerned can help by writing letters and attending the meetings mentioned above.   See the article on our website at  .



An “Anti-bullying” School Assembly Somewhere in British Columbia


The following is an account of a school assembly held earlier this year in a B. C. school.  Information as to the name of the school and its location are withheld to protect the writer, who is, as the article says, a mother of a B.C. student.


My son is a Gr. 12 student at _____ Secondary, in [a British Columbia city], and he came home about a week before spring break and told me he had been to the assembly that day for “Anti-Bullying” and wanted to tell me about it.  For a typical boy who doesn’t want to talk that much, this was something unusual, and my curiosity was peaked. I knew this assembly was probably just another pitch for the Gay agenda, because I had seen this happening during his 5 years at the school, with the push from teachers to join the G.S.A, “ Pink Shirt Day”, Gay Pride Week, and the talks they have had from various speakers.  Sure enough what had transpired  during the two hour assembly  in the school gym was clearly  a pro- Gay brainwashing session. Because the school administration uses such  positive and benign terms in presenting the Gay agenda, such as  “ Anti-Bullying” , “ compassion” , and  “ celebrating  student diversity”,  the students can easily be manipulated  into  supporting the Gay lifestyle and believing their acceptance  to be something good.

My son described to me the line-up of paid speakers, performers and as well as  students who were a part of this assembly, focusing on celebrating the transsexual lifestyle. Several gay  students testified in front of their classmates to the gospel of “ gay pride “ and shared how their “coming out”  at school  was a sort of spiritual awaking  experience!    I could see that the assembly  was simply serving  to force feed my son and the other students a false belief system.  He and his school mates were being fed the poisonous lie that homosexuality, transgenderism, and homosexual activities are completely “ normal”, and that  anyone who does not  believe this  is nothing more than a terrible bully and “hater” of these innocent victims of “homophobia” in our culture.
A necessary part of the false beliefs of this new religion,  is that Gay people are born with their condition. This idea is not founded upon scientifically verified evidence to this effect and in fact, there is no solid scientific proof of this at all. Another aspect of this belief system is that Gay people require special rights and protections that the rest of the population doesn’t need because they have been excluded and discriminated against historically and this has led to incredible inner suffering which has often resulted in suicide.  I question the belief that experiencing bullying for being homosexual leads directly to suicide, and I suspect that actually embracing a homosexual “identity” and  involvement in homosexual activity are the reason for depression and suicide.


My son told me about the very long ( at least 2 hours) assembly, and admitted that by the end of it he couldn’t stand it anymore and got up and left to “use the washroom” and then he didn’t go back -but stayed in a classroom to do some homework.  Later, he was asked by numerous friends why he left and he explained  to use the washroom, but he did feel  that he was being made to feel guilty for leaving.


The adult presenters at the assembly were two well known homosexual, transgendered personalities in Canada.   One was the infamous transsexual model, ( Jenna Talackova)  who told his story to the students. He had wanted to enter into the Miss Universe beauty pageant  but  was forbidden to, because he was a transgender male, being  told that only people who were born female could enter the contest.  He sued the pageant and won, becoming the first transgendered beauty contestant in Canada,  and a “ role model” for transsexual youth in the process!  He talked about his life and struggles to be accepted as a transsexual, and how he is now pursuing a career in acting and modeling in Toronto.
Then toward the end of the assembly a middle aged, heavy set man dressed as a woman, with a huge pink wig and skirt and high heels on came out on stage!  This was the colorful trans-dressing comedian named Conni Smudge . . . . He proceeded to prance wildly around in his high heels, and began to lip sync to loud pop music,  gyrating around on the stage and even going up beside some male teachers and moving himself up and down very near them.


After hearing all this about the assembly from my son, I felt angry at this brazen display of homosexual behaviour in front of such young people, when common sense tells a person that this outlandish and provocative man  is far from normal .  I was also angry that there had never been any notification about this assembly to parents, despite the fact that  the school is constantly sending parents  notifications about a myriad of things relating to the school! I searched the school website to see what it had to say about this assembly, but there was nothing specific other than a mere mention of an “anti-bullying” assembly. However, there was no mention of the exclusive focus on homosexual and transgendered persons being bullied, and the high profile homosexual personalities that would be speaking and performing at the assembly were not mentioned by name. . . . .

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Conni Smudge AND Jenna Talackova

Conni Smudge AND Jenna Talackova

Click here for copy of petition 



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