Tom Blackwell from National Post

After reading a recent article from Tom Blackwell from National Post, which was a smear campaign against Saint Paul’s Hospital which has helped 1000’s of people.
He writes about the fact when Saint Paul’s Hospital refused to kill a senior citizen.  His article was the perfect example for a PACK OF LIES. We guess Tom Blackwell was hoping people with his IQ would read this piece of garbage.
Where is Tom Blackwell when 1000’s are against funding thier tax money for abortion at 8 months? Many are born at 8 months. How come then Tom Blackwell says that we have to pay for that?
And Tom Blackwell LIES when he says this is a battle between the Supreme Court and the Vatican. Which is another act of an evil clown. The truth is there are 1000’s of doctors who say NO to killing a senior like he was a dead that need to be put to sleep.
Only the trashy tabloid National Post permits uneducated mental cases with personality disorders like Tom Blackwell to publish on their garbage newspaper. We use it for our bird cage

If you want Tom Blackwell to promote killing you like a dog being put to sleep please contact him here.

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