Theology on Tap—-Vancouver—–Friday, 16 August 2013

Theology on Tap Vancouver

Searching for the Work of God – The Opus Dei Movement and St.Josemaria Escriva

The Newman Club of UBC in Vancouver cordially invites open hearts to attend our Theology on Tap with Fr. Julio as our speaker. The work of God, in light of Matthew 11:30: “For my yoke is easy and my burden is light,” is something that ought to be simple, clear and precise. Opus Dei, is a movement that was founded by St. Josemaria in 1928 in Spain that strives to live under the Lord’s yoke, and to take on his burden which is light. Opus Dei’s mission is to turn daily life into a means for growing closer to God and to live in servitude. Yet, there are people who consider Opus Dei cult-like and suspicious. Are they really? And if they strive to encounter God, how? Come and see.

A short bio about Fr. Julio:

Fr. Julio was born in St. Louis, USA. His parents came from Argentina and he had 6 other siblings. As he grew older, he would eventually encounter Opus Dei during his university studies at Chicago. After finishing law school in Canada, Fr. Julio remained in close contact with Opus Dei. He heard God calling him to the priesthood through his Prelate a number of years after he was already a lawyer. Throughout all of these events, Opus Dei and its founder, St. Josemaria played a key role in Fr. Julio’s life, and he still remains a member of Opus Dei. In an interview, Fr. Julio stated, “St. Josemaria was a model of priesthood to which I aspire.”