Pauline Chau and Greg Barcelon and the Vancouver Catholic Diocese and want to share how Pauline Chau and Greg Barcelon  two employees that work for the Vancouver Archdiocese treated a good citizen who wanted to volunteer for the upcoming Taste and See fundraiser for Salt and Light media.

The good citizen who is a strong and active Catholic replied to a posting that requested volunteers for the Taste and See fundraiser for Salt and Light media.  He contacted Pauline Chau through email, however Pauline Chau is involved in the gossip and elitist group that work at the Vancouver Diocese office so Pauline Chau decided to treat the words of Jesus like a comic book and would not even reply to the good citizens request to volunteer.

After several days the good citizen decided to call the number in the posting and finally reached  Pauline Chau. When the good citizen asked why he did even get a reply Pauline Chau decided to disgrace the Catholic Church and the words of Jesus and lied to the good citizen, she made some lame excuse, which not even an atheist would consider.  She then said that she would email him in a few days.

However what is most shocking is that after a few more days the good citizen gets an email from a Greg Barcelon saying: “the volunteer positions are full”.  Greg Barcelon forgot that he works for the Catholic Church and became very cold and hostile.   After being treated so harshly, the good citizen requested an explanation as to why he is being treated like this and asked for an explanation.

 However Pauline Chau and Greg Barcelon who think they are elitists and accountable to no one still have not replied and hope no one finds out.

It is our opinion Pauline Chau and Greg Barcelon got their jobs through Cronyism.  Their are many incidents and acts Cronyism in the Vancouver Diocese and this must stop.

Pauline Chau and Greg Barcelon must be removed and replaced by those who believe and obey the words of Jesus and the Catholic Faith.

Contact Father Thomas Rosica and help us seek justice.  Remember this

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

 Dietrich Bonhoeffer