Chris Morrissey’s writes about not judging on BC Catholic in July

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In July 2014 Chris Morrissey writes an article about not judging in BC Catholic.

What a shock to read Chris Morrissey quoting phrase such as this:

“a person who judges gets it wrong, becomes confused, and is defeated.”

Wow. Let me repeat. WOW !

This is the same Chris Morrissey who has no problem JUDGING a very holy Priest which millions of people love. That priest is Father Barron, whom many of us love and esteem. Please read what Chris Morrissey writes about Father Barron:

“is disappointing that Fr. Robert Barron didn’t pick up on this theme”


“so we know he [Father Barron] didn’t pay close enough attention to the movie”

Chris Morrissey who claims to be an intellectual must be aware that even at his own university they have courses in Moral Theology and Moral Philosophy; that is where we learn Right from Wrong.

However, liberals accuse those who believe in a right and wrong  as “judging” when we discuss honourable topics like Morality

In addition.  Just a year ago, I contacted Chris Morrissey to have a professional discussion regarding some of his comments he made.  When I called him he displayed his intellectual dishonesty and then displayed that he is a hostile, mean and judgemental hypocrite.   He would not give me 5 seconds and HUNG UP in my face at a CATHOLIC university.  I guess Chris Morrissey was hoping he can do that to a poor man who lives on the downtown eastside.  Isn’t that judging Chris?

Lets return to the topic of Chris telling us not to judge.

Thanks to the Internet we find that Chris Morrissey writes in the Globe and Mail: “Can’t a good Catholic still criticize Pius XII?”  In case you missed that, here it is again: “Can’t a good Catholic still criticize Pius XII?”

To conclude one can see that Chris Morrissey recklessly grabs bits and pieces from his Superiors and then puts a spin on them so he can promote his liberal ideology.  It is our opinion that his modus operedi is to neutralize the Vancouver Catholics so they become lukewarm and “not judge” , or in other words not believe in a right and wrong.

However any true and intelligent Christian remembers the words of the Almighty God who clearly tells us:



After one sees the apparent hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty of liberals it leads to the conclusion that Chris Morrissey is just another liberal who is afraid of  Intelligent people.  Intelligent people believe in a RIGHT and WRONG.

BC CATHOLIC should be ashamed of themselves for allowing Chris Morrissey to write in a Catholic Newspaper.  There are dozens and dozens of scholars who are willing to write for BC Catholic.  Join us in writing to Bishop Miller and demand that they apologize to the Vancouver Catholics and request that Chris Morrissey no longer be permitted to write in BC Catholic.  Write to:

Please join us in contacting Bishop Miller, Christine Jones, and Malin Jordan the editor of BC Catholic and demand an apology

1) Archbishop Millers

2) Doctor Christine Jones

3) Malin Jordan the editor of BC Catholic

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