Another Shameful Revelation about the Vancouver Prison Ministry

Vancouver Prison Ministry

Once a month ?  If you are lucky?  Is this a joke?

Since it is Restorative Justice week  (November 15-22, 2015). It is disturbing to find out that in Vancouver out of all the priests they can’t find one priest to offer mass at Prison every Sunday?  What is even more insidious is that at the provincial prisons there is not even one mass a month at Ford Mountain and, MAYBE, one mass a month at Fraser Regional.

Many of us are very disappointed to see that those who need Mass on Sundays the most, which are those in prison are only offered MAYBE one mass a month. That is completely unreasonable and very negligent. Every other diocese in Canada and USA offer WEEKLY MASS and hope to those are are locked up and in despair.

Please join us in in contacting the Bishop who is in his cosy Shaunessy Office and his “Prison Ministers” Maureen Donegan at 604-791-1864 or Germaine Solaiman at 604-307-8481.

The Vancouver Prison Ministry can do much, much better.

Their contact info is

For the Bishop

Tell them that offering those who most need hope have a right to receive Mass once on Sundays.

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