Vancouver Knights of Columbus Corruption and Scandel

Knights of Columbus or Knights of Corruption?

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After witnessing the hate-mongering and malicious actions committed by the Knights of Columbus in Vancouver, it is our moral duty to expose these works of darkness. Knights of Columbus or Knights of Corruption?

Many of us are aware of C.J. Doyle who recently appeared as a guest on Michael Voris’ “Mic’d Up.” The topic of discussion was the complicity of the leadership of the Knights of Columbus in numerous attacks against Faith and Family. As usual, Joe’s encyclopedic knowledge of his subject makes for a wonderful and informative interview.

While some of the Knights of Columbus are good Catholic men, the organization is morally compromised by cultural conformists who routinely cooperate in the mortal sins of the anti-Catholic political class — frequently by direct and formal cooperation.

In 2012 when a Vancouver Catholic man spoke up against the corruption he witnessed at the UBC Knights of Columbus that Catholic man became a victim of a smear campaign and was even blacklisted by the corrupt UNcatholics.

Victim of Knights of Corruption

Victim of Knights of Corruption

The facts of corruption and hate-mongering are concrete.  Fast Forward 5 years. Just recently, on Divine Mercy Sunday 2019, that victim, ran into another member of Knights of Columbus — Mr. Johnny Yang, who is a solid knight of Columbus.

Thanks to Jesus.  Mr. Yang, is a solid witness to the fact that he witnessed that victim at church on a Sunday.  And even at a Divine Mercy Service praying and very friendly.

So friendly that Mr. Yang approached that man in church and invited him to be a Knights of Columbus member.  Mr. Yang even COMMENDED AND EXOTOLED the man for being so devout.  However. The man even told Mr. Yang that he had a bad experience with the Vancouver Knights and it would not be a good idea for Mr. Johnny Yang to attempt to reconcile him.  However. Mr. Johnny Yang, said that is nonsense, and it is Divine Mercy Sunday. Mr. Yang said that the Knights of Columbus respect Jesus and the message of Divine Mercy– giving hope to the victim of the corrupt scandal.  Even atheists believe in turning the page.

However.  A few days later when Mr. Johnny Yang, a solid knight, contacted the Vancouver Knights of Columbus.  However, sadly, Mr. Yang was exposed to the smear campaign and hate-mongering that many have reported.

Then Mr. Johnny Yang contacted the victim of hate-mongering and told him that the Knights of Columbus have “black-listed” the poor man, and even refuse to give that good man even one minute in order to present the facts.

Please remember.  The victim of Knights of Columbus hate-mongering — made many attempts to meet the leaders and inquire why the hate-mongering, but the corrupt knights are too afraid to put anything in writing.  And like satanists, do not believe in “turning the page”.

Moreover.  Other high-ranking Knights of Columbus at other churches have personally witnessed with their own eyes the good deeds and service that victim has offered.  He has been an usher at the Cathedral for over 5 years and has worked side by side with these high profile knights for years.  However.  What does the victim get in return?  A hate-mongering smear campaign.  Even atheists are not that hateful.

Please join us in seeking justice.  Contact the actors below and demand an apology.  If you have been discriminated against or have been treated adversely we encourage to file a complaint with the BC Human Rights Tribunal here.

Here are the contacts for the Catholic actors.  Ask them. Are they Knights of Columbus or Knights of Corruption?

State Deputy, Ming Lau, PEng, CEng: Email:

State Secretary, Dale Hofer: Email:

State Advocate, Marcel Renaud: Email:

State Warden, Herb Yang: Email:


When they see the page where it says turn the other cheek they turn the other page”


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